8 Weeks to Strong Challenge

If you are looking to get fit and strong and loose weight at the same time, look to further. This 8 week challenge is the perfect way to get your fitness back on track. With my unconventional way of training you will be surprised by the results. This is not a challenge to see how many burpees you can do in a session or where you run around the field doing who know’s what. Sessions are well planned in advanced and tailored to suite your specific needs. Every single workout is adapted to meet your currently fitness level. You will never be left behind or stand in a corner not knowing what to do. Here you have the opportunity to go at your own pace in a group setting. It literally is Personal Training with a friend. You will learn to do the exercises correctly and work muscles you never even knew you had, or that where long forgotten.

This isn’t just another Challenge you do, this will be the last challenge you do.8 Weeks to Strong


8 Weeks to Strong


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