About Me

IMG_1130_Background_Edit_About_meI am your body’s next best friend. I believe training and getting fit should be simple and fun and not a chore. It should be that part of the day you look forward to the most. It is that part of the day that nothing and nobody else but you matter.

Who am I and why should you train with me?

I am an Internationally Certified StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor, one of only a handful in the South Africa. I believe strength is a skill that should be practised everyday. Being strong is not an option it is a must.  A strong body will host a strong mind.  Everyday we have so many roles that we have to fullful, we have to and do make time for everyone and everything else. We all need a bit of me time, time to unwind and recharge our batteries, what better way of doing this than with exercise. When I used to train at a gym I would often see people leisurely walking on the treadmill or reading a book while on the stationery bike, wasting their time, or going through the circuit day after day without achieving any results, due to the simple fact that they had no one to motivate them, to help them use the machinery correctly, to train them to perform the exercises for optimum results.

As a mother of 2 little ones I know first hand the struggle to find balance in one’s life, to make time for everything and everyone. I truly believe it is important for our mental and physical well being to take 30-60 min every day to just be you. Why not take that time by doing something your body wants to do. To get fitter ,stronger and healthier, to put all your energy and thoughts into one single goal. For that 60min you answer to no one but yourself, you are truly free to be just you, to concentrate on your needs only, to get in touch with your body, to listen to it and to learn more about yourself. Exersice is therapy for your body, your body will get leaner and stronger, you will feel better about yourself, stand taller be more confident. My motto for years has been that ‘every bit help’ wether you work out for 10 min or 45 min it all contributes to a healthier fitter you. I believe that something is better than doing nothing. I have the motivation, diccipline, experience, expertize and understanding you will need to achieve your goal Let me help you set your body free Being fit and healthy is more than a choice, it is the only way to life.

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