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Lisa S

Lisa Steytler Du Plessis

I remember walking into the gym for the first time feeling fat, frumpy and out of place.  In my big baggy T shirt!!!!   Immediately you made me feel welcome and able……..huff and puff I did yet I still felt able and encouraged. My Cholesterol was high, my BP was high, calorie intake shamefully high.   And […]

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8 Weeks to Strong

8 Weeks to Strong Challenge

If you are looking to get fit and strong and loose weight at the same time, look to further. This 8 week challenge is the perfect way to get your fitness back on track. With my unconventional way of training you will be surprised by the results. This is not a challenge to see how […]

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Wednesday Afternoon Swing Fest

IMG_0384   So this is exactly why I love training with small groups. I get to spend serious one on one time with every single one. This give them a better understanding of how the exercise works and creates really close nit community where we support,love and care for each other. No one will ever […]

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Kettlebell Complex

Kettlebell Complexes are fun and delivers the most amazing results. Today we have a Complex that consisted of one of my Favourite Kettlebell move, the Snatch!!! 5 Rounds 5/5 Single KB Snatch 10 x KB Push Press 15 x DBL KB Swing Rest 2 min repeat!! Aiden is 8 and has been training for close […]

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Workout Buddy

Everything is so much more fun when we do things together! Having a workout buddy means so much more than just someone to complain to that the workout is hard :), You are less likely to skip or miss a workout if you know your buddy is waiting for you. You tend to work harder; […]

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Post Holiday Slim Down

Holidays are over and it’s time you face the facts and get back on track. No more excuses! No More hiding. It’s go time, me and you are going to tackle the flab one rep, one workout at a time. In just 6 weeks we will undo the damage caused during the festive season. You […]

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