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Wednesday Afternoon Swing Fest

IMG_0384   So this is exactly why I love training with small groups. I get to spend serious one on one time with every single one. This give them a better understanding of how the exercise works and creates really close nit community where we support,love and care for each other. No one will ever […]

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Kettlebell Complex

Kettlebell Complexes are fun and delivers the most amazing results. Today we have a Complex that consisted of one of my Favourite Kettlebell move, the Snatch!!! 5 Rounds 5/5 Single KB Snatch 10 x KB Push Press 15 x DBL KB Swing Rest 2 min repeat!! Aiden is 8 and has been training for close […]

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Spring Ready Workout #5

Here we go another HIIT workout, it’s a real killer and will only take you 12-15 minutes to complete. I use a UGI ball for the presentation, you can either use a Medicine Ball or no equipment at all. If you do not have access to a interval timer, you can do reps. For beginners […]

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Ready for Spring Workout #4

Oh what a good one I have for you today. We are skipping again so get those Ropes. Complete Exercise 1-4 with little to no breaks back to back at the end of every round you have 2 minutes of Skipping at your own pace. Do as many skips as you can handle at your […]

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Ready for Spring Workout #3

Go dust of those Jump Ropes we are Skipping! This is an Interval Timing Workout, meaning you complete as many rounds as possible, with good form, in the allocated time. Your Work Interval is 40 or 50 Seconds and your Rest Interval is 15 or 10 Seconds.

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Ready for Spring Workout #1

Lets get you Ready for Spring 2015! If you are keen to join then get your tekkies on. I will post a new workout every Monday and Wednesday. All you need to do it print it and do it. Before you start remember to take a before pic and then you will take another one […]

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Want to see me lift 95kg’s

  I am training for a Technical Strength Challenge in October I would like to be able to lift 125kg. This is me doing my last 6th Set of 3 reps. After which I had to finish: 10 Sets of 2-3 Assisted Pull Ups 5 Sets of 1/1 TGU @ 16kg super and 10/10 Snatches […]

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