Body Conditioning the SimplyFit way

Tired of the same old boring workouts? Not seeing the results you desire? Maybe it’s time for a change…but to what? I might just have the answer for you. Introducing BHM, Basic Human Movement classes. Forget boring, forget gimmicks. This is it. Teaching you to move with and use your body the right way. Did […]

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Sanity Check

Sanity Check… As I was getting dressed this morning, I noticed my thighs looked big. I actually had to stop what I was doing to have another look in the mirror. For some reason they looked huge! Like tree trunk huge, I immediately went into a state of panic. My training is not working, I […]

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What does Strong Look like?

What does strong look like..? Pavel Tsatsouline asked in his book Simple and Sinister, “are you a strong woman? If you’re not sure then you’re not’ Pretty straight forward and hardcore. But what does strong look like..? I know what strong feels like, I know what it means to be strong, but what ‘look’ would […]

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Programming and Goals

Do you follow a workout Program, or are you like so many others just aimlessly walking around the gym? Joining what ever class is on, or just do whatever workout is up for the day? I am an avid believer in Programming. I don’t ever do a workout just because it’s there. Whenever I look […]

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 ‘Change is as good as a holiday’ who ever came up with that slogan, must have been crazy, change is freak’n terrifying! Well it sure is for me. Even just getting a hair cut involves weeks of ‘research’ constituting visiting every single web page with hairstyles on, going through endless  pictures page after page after […]

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Starting Again after a Break

One of the Hardest things to do, is getting up and starting again. It can be so discouraging after a long break due to injury. work or stressful situations to get back into your training regime. You simply cannot just pick up where you left off. It is such a mental challenge to think that […]

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Spring Ready Workout #5

Here we go another HIIT workout, it’s a real killer and will only take you 12-15 minutes to complete. I use a UGI ball for the presentation, you can either use a Medicine Ball or no equipment at all. If you do not have access to a interval timer, you can do reps. For beginners […]

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Ready for Spring Workout #4

Oh what a good one I have for you today. We are skipping again so get those Ropes. Complete Exercise 1-4 with little to no breaks back to back at the end of every round you have 2 minutes of Skipping at your own pace. Do as many skips as you can handle at your […]

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Ready for Spring Workout #3

Go dust of those Jump Ropes we are Skipping! This is an Interval Timing Workout, meaning you complete as many rounds as possible, with good form, in the allocated time. Your Work Interval is 40 or 50 Seconds and your Rest Interval is 15 or 10 Seconds.

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