Lisa Steytler Du Plessis

I remember walking into the gym for the first time feeling fat, frumpy and out of place.  In my big baggy T shirt!!!!   Immediately you made me feel welcome and able……..huff and puff I did yet I still felt able and encouraged. My Cholesterol was high, my BP was high, calorie intake shamefully high.   And you did confess on month 3 that you were sure I would drop out after 1 month……………………5 Months on……………. You have been amazing – you have encouraged me when I was down, Pushed me when I thought I could give no more (especially with the my “friend” the prowler), laughed with me (not at me) when I was so tired after a prowler session that I accidently collapsed in a pile of duck poop on the grass, all this fun stuff during which time  you have guided me to be a much healthier me!

I am happy to say my Doctor is elated – FINALLY normal cholesterol, normal BP, no more bread or wine or bad eating for me!  Finally 5kgs down, bye bye 50cm and adieus to my second bum (yes I was blessed with two asses).  My Doctor says finally I have the confidence to match my bubbly personality (you may not see that in the gym for obvious reasons J).

I, am a new woman!!!!!!   You Yo, have been amazing and I love our morning training crew who inspire me and add to my journey every day.   Not to mention the fun ladies nights you organise to keep us all connected.   My gym family – it is a very special group – you sure seem to attract amazing ladies – every one of them is equally encouraging to us newbies.

Here is to the next 8 months and next few years of training with you and becoming a healthier, better version of me J

Love ya madly

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