Kettlebells for Stronger Kids

Kettlebells for Stronger Kids – Stronger Kids – SimplyFit Kids

Think your child is to young for strength training…? Think again.

We focus on every other part of their development; agility, mobility, fine-and-gross motorskils, ect, but we tend to leave strength aside…
That’s where I come in, kids need to be strong and here’s why

• It reduces the risk of Injuries
• Builds strong and healthy bones
• Improves balance and mental focus

• Increases speed and explosiveness
• Increases Endurance and Stamina
• Encourage Self awareness
• Teaches from a young age to have a healthy body image
• Shoulder and joint stability
• Core activation

An aspect of Strength is needed in all Sports. How much better would they perform if they had better control and stability in their movements. Think of Strength as a Shield protecting them from unnecessary injuries and time out of the game.
Kettlebell is the perfect tool to use to intrudce kids to strenght training. It is safe and effective.

Even if your child is not a ‘sporty’ child Kettlebells will be a perfect fit. My aim is to build Strong Healthy Fit kids, as an Internationally Certified StrongFirst instructor; strength is our Foundation that everything else is build on.
Kettlebells don’t discriminate, boys and girls welcome.

2x 30 Minute Sessions per week @R400pm

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