Kettlebells for Strength and Conditioning

So, you’ve seen these bells at the gym or you have heard of them. Now you can learn from a Professional the correct form and technique.

The Kettlebell Swing is the number 1 Fat Burning exercise.
The Kettlebell is the number 1 tool to increase Strength

Learn the Swing, Clean, Press, Squat, Snatch and Turkish Get Up from an Internationally Certified SFG level 1 Instructor.

No gimmicks, no short cuts, hard style training produces hard style bodies.

Why train with Kettlebells?
Because they deliver extreme all-around fitness-and no other tool does it better. Endurance,Strength, Weight-loss, Hypertrophy, Rehab, Injury Prevention, getting stronger for a specific sport…you name it Kettlebells cover it.

Who trains with Kettlebells?
Champions in a widest range of sports from powerlifting to MMA to Triathlon. Elite military and law enforcement. Men and women from all walks of life. From mom’s looking to get their bodies back, full time career women who needs to work of the stress. Crossfit athletes,Rugby players, Swimmers, Adults, Teens, kids. Anyone can work with kettlebells and they will work just the same.
Training with Kettlebells demands results no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do for a living. The Kettlebell does not discriminate. It simple just works

Do I need to be at a certain fitness level?
No, no previous experience needed. We start by building a solid foundation of strength.

Inquire about my Kettlebell Group classes and be part of the Swingers Club.

R600pm for 2 Sessions pw
R720pm for 3 Sessions pw
All Classes are held exclusively at The Fitness Factory @ Northwood 

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