Esna de Bruyn

I am a mother of two boys, with being a mom and busy with life, I always felt that I needed to do some exercising for some sort of relaxation and some stress relief. On the other hand I am not a gym person, I will join the gym and always think of an excuse not to go. I know Yolandi from our younger years and luckily we kept on and off contact and out of the blue we chatted about home training, I started training with Yolandi November 2012, and that was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am totally relaxed with her and are having so much fun in my training session what works best for me is that I can take my kids along if I need to. Yolandi takes the health and well being of her clients very seriously, to such an extend that she gave me a whole booklet of workouts to do during the December holidays. She has a passion for training people and has a lot of patience. You are missing out a lot if you are not training with Simply.FIt.
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