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Lisa Steytler Du Plessis

I remember walking into the gym for the first time feeling fat, frumpy and out of place.  In my big baggy T shirt!!!!   Immediately you made me feel welcome and able……..huff and puff I did yet I still felt able and encouraged. My Cholesterol was high, my BP was high, calorie intake shamefully high.   And you did confess on month 3 that you were sure I would drop out after 1 month……………………5 Months on……………. You have been amazing – you have encouraged me when I was down, Pushed me when I thought I could give no more (especially with the my “friend” the prowler), laughed with me (not at me) when I was so tired after a prowler session that I accidently collapsed in a pile of duck poop on the grass, all this fun stuff during which time  you have guided me to be a much healthier me!

I am happy to say my Doctor is elated – FINALLY normal cholesterol, normal BP, no more bread or wine or bad eating for me!  Finally 5kgs down, bye bye 50cm and adieus to my second bum (yes I was blessed with two asses).  My Doctor says finally I have the confidence to match my bubbly personality (you may not see that in the gym for obvious reasons J).

I, am a new woman!!!!!!   You Yo, have been amazing and I love our morning training crew who inspire me and add to my journey every day.   Not to mention the fun ladies nights you organise to keep us all connected.   My gym family – it is a very special group – you sure seem to attract amazing ladies – every one of them is equally encouraging to us newbies.

Here is to the next 8 months and next few years of training with you and becoming a healthier, better version of me J

Love ya madly

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Summaya Khan

I put on a pair of pretty tights to wear, and for some reason I looked at my butt in the mirror…And all I can say is WOW. What a difference from when I first started! So chuffed and all thanks to you

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Jane Staples

Training with you is the best and you are a very special person being able to keep all of us motivatedJane


I can fit into my favourite Jeans for the first time in 18 months!! Thank You

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Tahnee Cruikshank

I love the workouts. They are fun and its helps to get rid of the frustrations of the day. I feel so much better and I know that it something worthwhile for me.Tahnee

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Thank you for all your help and training thus far, I know we haven’t been training together for that long but I am really enjoying it and I feel like I have known you forever – thanks for making me feel so comfortable and at ease J


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Samantha Mitchelle

I love you as my personal trainer, thank you for all your effort, patience and guidance through this year. Thank you for pushing me and believing in me!  I am very proud of myself and I could not have done it without you.

Big love


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Lianna Da Silva

Thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put in for my training in the last month. Your help has been invaluable and I see and feel a difference from when I started with you. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best for the new year

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Gena D Orfali

Looking to get fit and strong?  I can highly recommend Yolandi from Simply Fit.
I had reached a point where losing a few kilos and shaping up was a necessity for my wellbeing.  I’d been working out on my own, but was uncertain, as to whether what I was doing was effective enough.
I opted to enrol a personal trainer, who could keep me focused, challenge me and help me attain results. Enter Yolandi.
The workouts have been fun yet challenging enough to keep me motivated.
We are all different with different requirements, Yolandi tailors training to suit your needs and budget.  It’s been one of the best investments in myself..

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Tanya de Villiers

Two months ago I was lethargic, had heart palpitations and felt awful about myself. After starting training with you my health has improved, I feel stronger and I have never had so many compliments about how I look. The classes were always different and doing each exercise for the first time I wondered “is this woman even paying attention to what I am capable of doing… I can’t do this?” but I did every time. You are never strict…well not directly anyway. Lol! You encourage without pushing. Lastly, I have never laughed so much while exercising. It is great (at times painful) fun. Thank you!

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Esna de Bruyn

I am a mother of two boys, with being a mom and busy with life, I always felt that I needed to do some exercising for some sort of relaxation and some stress relief. On the other hand I am not a gym person, I will join the gym and always think of an excuse not to go. I know Yolandi from our younger years and luckily we kept on and off contact and out of the blue we chatted about home training, I started training with Yolandi November 2012, and that was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am totally relaxed with her and are having so much fun in my training session what works best for me is that I can take my kids along if I need to. Yolandi takes the health and well being of her clients very seriously, to such an extend that she gave me a whole booklet of workouts to do during the December holidays. She has a passion for training people and has a lot of patience. You are missing out a lot if you are not training with Simply.FIt.
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