Workout Buddy

Everything is so much more fun when we do things together! Having a workout buddy means so much more than just someone to complain to that the workout is hard :), You are less likely to skip or miss a workout if you know your buddy is waiting for you.
You tend to work harder; either to keep up with your buddy or to beat her, friendly competition is always welcome.
You motivate each other to keep going when the legs and lungs are about to give out.
Talking about all the stressful events of the day not only helps you to offload but also takes your mind of your burning muscles and you tend to do more.
The workout seems to just fly by. Your workout sessions becomes more of a fun and social event, and not that thing on your list you still have to do. The sense of achievement after a hard workout is greater when you have someone along side you who knows exactly what you’ve just been through.
The extend of the motivation also translates into the real world outside of gym, you are more aware of your diet and on the days when you feel your self control slipping you can always count on your workout buddy to keep you on track, for you have the same goals.

Runners giving high five to each other after a good training session. Group of athletes celebrating success.

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